• Facilitating further learning and understanding

    We will build and make this already established credible platform much more localised and identifiable to Rossendale. We will ensure that where “Raising Awareness” achieves its goals, this second area will be a natural progression to gain further “Learning and Understanding”.

    Already there are the following ways to access a more detailed level of information:

    • The Dementia Guide (Alzheimer’s Society)
    • Community Dementia Forum
    • Alzheimer’s Society
    • DEEP (Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project)
    • Age UK
    • REAL Community website
    • Memory Assessment ServiceHowever to achieve this greater identification with Rossendale we will develop a unique website explaining where helpful support can be explored. From this base of information we will ensure there is access to groups and services such as:
    • Carers’ link
    • Legal sector – for wills and last in powers of attorney
    • GPs and PPGs
    • LWDP – providing specialist training for employers and groups where the integration of people living with dementia is being planned
    • Banks and Post Offices – dealing with financial matters and concerns
    • Carers’ meetings
    • Care Homes
    • Care provisions at home
    • Respite Care
    • Access to further training regarding dementia awareness, etc
    • Personal safety for people living with dementia and their carers  This list will continue to expand and the website and information directory will provide further details and contacts

  • Dementia Friendly Rossendale Publications

  • Legal Issues

  • Being Safe

    Safe Places 

    Dementia Buddies

    Peace of mind

    Message in a bottle

    Operation forget me not