• Raising Awareness

    Raising Awareness

    People with dementia repeatedly state that the negative attitude of those they encounter on a day-to-day basis brings the biggest impact on their lives. Consequently raising awareness has to be the starting point and is one of the core priorities of our plan.

    A basic understanding of the impact of dementia and how to support people can make a huge difference both to the experience of the person living with dementia, and to the confidence of staff (or volunteers) who may be uncertain whether to, and how to, offer someone help.

    People with dementia all differ in the way they experience their dementia. It depends on which parts of the brain and the extent it is affected; their personality; and the support they receive after getting the disease and diagnosis.

    In public situations people with dementia may have a range of difficulties, including:

    • Having problems remembering what they are doing
    • Having difficulties in communicating clearly
    • Having problems handling money
    • Having problems navigating in complex or confusing environments.

    In all cases it is very important to act in a manner that preserves the person’s dignity and treats the person with respect.

    This “Raising Awareness” area is where we have placed part of our primary planning, focus and energy. Throughout this document you will find references, ideas and a strategic theme of raising dementia awareness in different places and locations; with as wide a mix of people; and through a varied programme as we can realistically manage. As headlines, we will secure dementia awareness provision through and by:

    Dementia Friends sessions

    Introducing the concept and understanding, embodied in the curriculum, to Rossendale schools

    Engagement with key frontline services such as banks; public transport; shops and supermarkets; pubs; and so on.

    An Awareness Campaign contacting all businesses; organisations and community groups

    A key Dementia Friendly Rossendale awareness event during Dementia Awareness week using a key local supermarket and being supported by the media.

    Contacting Rossendale folk at local events

    Information through regular newsletters and other publications

    Organising key memory events for all in the community to enjoy

  • Dementia Friends